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2024 marks 11 years in business for the DRG team. Over the last decade, our small team has grown in BIG ways. In addition to celebrating another year in business, the DRG team has also earned numerous notable recognitions - and we’re only half way through. 

Read on to hear from our founder, Dana, and see what the DRG Team has been up to this year (so far)!

Building a Garden - From the Founder

If you know me, you know I love gardens. 

As we enter DRG’s 11th year in business, I’ve been reflecting on my role as a leader of this company and where I’ve focused my energy to help each team member grow in their individual positions. I like to think of myself as a gardener, tending to each seed and watering where needed.

In this season of business, what I find that I’m most enjoying is the blossoming maturity of the DRG team. I’ve come to learn that having a team allows you to go through the colder seasons of business together to make for a brighter, warmer future. 

You think you have an idea of what a team will look like, and then you realize that every year, it’s different. Goals change, the way a team works together shifts, and people grow.  

Sometimes that also means weeding out what no longer nourishes the garden as a whole - people leave the team and others join. Regardless, this team supports each other in these pursuits, thanks to the strong roots that we’ve built over the years. 

Our proven and polished process is the mechanism we use to build upon each year's experience. Most people have stayed throughout the years, but when change inevitably comes - we’re prepared and know how to iterate.

Iteration is an opportunity for innovation.  

I’m proud of the transitions we’ve made as a collaborative team to elevate our services and empower our clients, while still leading with optimism and gratitude throughout our growth.

Changing with the Seasons

Overall, we are a fruitful garden; our ability to give our clients an “at home” buying or selling experience is primarily due to our process and unrivaled instinct to keep us ahead.

When we’ve maximized our internal resources, though, we hire and expand the team in a way that provides better support so that we can still keep the people at the forefront of what we do.

One such hire is Oh Yes Communications, a messaging and branding agency, that supports the DRG team with extended marketing efforts. Having a secondary team to lean on allows us to stay and expand in our own zone of genius, without breaking away from what matters most: the people.  

As a team, we have an annual meeting where we clarify our goals (personally and professionally) and make sure that they are aligned with: 

  • Our mission of providing an unrivaled real estate experience 
  • Communicating WHY we do what we do
  • The other core values of the company

We do this so that when chaos and life happens, the mission keeps us aligned and on the same page. These adaptations have made us stronger than ever this year.

Small Sows Reap Big Rewards

The DRG team has seen the benefits of innovating our process to extend our branches in the community and for our clients. This commitment to growth has allowed us to stand out and make a name for ourselves in the industry. Here are some of the notable recognitions for the DRG team’s hard work to date:

  • Washington D.C. “Top Producers”

Karen and Lisa, two agents on DRG team, along with Dana Rice Group, received “Top Producers” awards, along with these other high-ranking recognizations: 

  • Compass was named #1 in the country and #1 in the district 
  • DRG was named #6 in the region 
  • Dana has been ranked #2 in “Team Leads”
  • Karen has been ranked #2 for “Agent on a Team” 
  • Lisa has been ranked #10 for “Agent on a Team”

Be sure to check us out on Washingtonian Magazine’s “100 Best Agents” 2024 issue.

  • RealTrends 

RealTrends Verified is the industry’s leading real estate performance benchmarking tool, ranking some of the nations top performers and publishing a national report card each year. The DRG team was named #1 in Maryland as a “Small Team” for the 2nd year in a row by RealTrends in 2024. 

Life’s Greener on the DRG Side

With another half a year left, the DRG team is excited to continue growing our garden by iteraterating and innovating in the real estate industry. Our accomplishments to date signify just how committed we are to making sure our clients are given the best possible experience with a team that’s got their back. 

And if that isn’t enough to convince you to choose us as your partner, then take a gander at our website to learn more about how the DRG team can help you buy or sell your home this year!


Dana Rice Group of Compass empower clients through elevated and unrivaled real estate expertise. If you’re ready to partner with a tactical real estate team with a proven process, email us at [email protected] or call 202-669-6908.

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Dana Rice Group team brings more than 45 years' combined expertise to work for our clients. Dana, Lisa, Kcrystal, Karen, Kate and Catie work as interchangeable parts so our buyers and sellers always have access to personal, hands-on support. With varying backgrounds in architecture, staging, marketing, sales and communications we have unique perspectives on the market -- servicing both first time buyers and those looking at properties in the upper brackets with diligence, care and excellence. With decades of living in Maryland and D.C. between us, we work together to ensure that clients achieve success.
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